Claudio Borio, lawyer in Turin and at the Supreme Court, is the chef of the Borio Campia Law Firm. 

He based his early experience in real estate and judicial law, then became an expert in legal advice, assistance and contracts for national and international companies.

In these years he has supplied legal protection for ambitious projects and infrastructures of considerable economic and social impact.

A particular source of pride for him are the continuous certificates of appreciation from both the clients and the Judiciary regarding his honesty, personal integrity, availability and respect for ethics.

Lawyer Claudio Borio has dedicated special attention to training students in international contracts and he has being selected and chosen by the University of Economics of Turin as a contact professional to guide students in specialist courses and traineeships at his Law Firm. 

He is a member of the Civil Chamber of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, and an advisor to Institutions of a national level. He is a Judge Conciliator, and the depth and breadth of his knowledge has earned him special awards and positive commendations of merit.

He is lover of culture in general and he has created an interdisciplinary system to offer his clients a non-centralized range of services structured through fruitful collaborations.

Over the years, the lawyer Claudio Borio has been a lecturer on civil law, ethics and marketing for the Civil Chamber of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta and at the Industrial Union of Turin.

Alessandra Campia, lawyer in Turin and at the Supreme Court, is a member of the Civil Chamber of Piemonte and the Valle d’Aosta. She gained her considerable legal experience in the field of civil law, particularly in corporate and labor law, and international consulting.

She has been both a participant in and the founder of diverse associations working for local development in emerging countries with the aim of increasing cultural knowledge and know-how.

In this area, lawyer Alessandra Campia also continues to operate as a link among various.

Lawyer Campia is an author and a frequent contributor to legal publications. She has collaborated with Pierre-Marie Fontaneau and written articles for the “Cahiers Fiscaux européen – Revue de Fiscalité Européenne – Droit International des affaires”.

She is the President of NOVAPANGEA Association, whose goals are Internationalization, ethical development and equal opportunity. The name NOVAPANGEA is not accidental. She would like to imagine that today, through globalization and an integrated exchange between people, we could begin to conceive of ourselves, all of us, as the inhabitants of a new Pangea, one in which everyone, at least on a virtual level, can feel and take an integral and active part.

Basing herself on experience coming from many years of workshops, foreign projects, conferences and the organization of business missions, she decided to create a working network involving people living and working steadily with their own structures in several countries, selected for the most interesting challenges they posed.

Over the years the NOVAPANGEA Association has succeeded in raising the interest of the most important organizations proposing cooperative and collaborative agreements, making it simpler for, and more attractive to Italian and European entrepreneurs to further their knowledge of many countries around the world, to partecipate in international projects and to open new foreign markets.

Lawyer Alessandra Campia, in addition to having organized numerous conferences, has been a speaker, addressing the issues of internationalization, communication and marketing, contracts and legal assistance. She has been chosen by the Compagnia delle Opere to give conferences about internationalization in Africa, Iraq and the Persian Gulf States (GCC), during their annual event on business development (Expandere).

She often handles the arrival of delegations of foreign authorities and important foreign entrepreneurs in Italy, in particular from Iraq, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, Bulgaria and the USA.

She has been requested by A.D.A. (Academie Diplomatique Africaine) and by IDA (Initiative pour le Developpement de l'Afrique to create a network of European lawyers able to manage the contractual and legal assistance relationships between our Continent and Africa, by signing an agreement with AJA (African Jurists'Association). She has collaborated with IDA for the study and the realization of the project socio-economic NOURDIGN (Nourriture et dignité) for the Indipendence of African women, in collaboration with ECOWAS Commission.

Following the relations with Iraq, the lawyer Campia was appointed by the President of the Diwanyia (Iraq) and Babilonia (Iraq) Chambers of Commerce to represent them in collaborative relations with Italy.

For 6 years, the lawyer Campia has constant relations with the Russian Federation and in 2019 she was appointed as the Italian representative of the IMC Foundation in Skolkovo - Moscow. In recent years she has collaborated for the development of economic and cultural exchange between Italy and Russia and has followed projects and organized missions and conferences that have as their object not only Russia, but also the countries of Central Asia. Now she is Secretary General Secretary of the Association for the establishment of the Italy-Eurasia Chamber of Commerce.