The Firm, which was established by Claudio Borio in 1989, has operated on an associative basis since 1997. Its founder’s passion and far-sightedness with regard to surrounding himself with qualified young professionals has led to the development and consolidation of the Firm.

This group of professionals has never stopped learning, equipping itself with the most advanced instruments to keep pace with the speed and constant evolution of society and the business world.

In 1998, two new offices were opened in Italy, in Orbassano (Piedmont) and in Milan. 

In the same year Claudio Borio created a network in Italy, in order to favor more concrete collaboration with law firms throughout the country.

In 1999, Claudio Borio decided to develop also closer relations with France and began a professional collaboration in Nice with French colleagues. The relationship becomes closer after meetings with the lawyer Christian Fournier in 2010 and then with the lawyer Alexandre Ramette.

Since 2004 the Borio Campia Law Firm has been one of the main reference points for labor law and in 2006 it had begun one of the most well-known firms in Italy, recognized for the number of cases registered in both the lower and in the Higher Courts.

In 2008, the law firm was looking for a new way to measure and, therefore, to ensure the real quality of services provided and, for this reason, the Partners embarked on the necessary path to obtain the certification of its quality management system, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, and with reference to the interpretative guidelines identified by a working group of professionals in the sector .

Since 15 October 2009, the Borio Campia Law Firm has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification for its management system in all its offices with the following subject:

"Development and the supply of judicial and extrajudicial legal services, in civil law, labor law and corporate law". 

Claudio Borio has drawn up contracts and agreements in the Italian, English and French languages, and in 2011 the Law Firm was accredited by Department of Economics of the University of Turin to conduct traineeships and courses in national and international contracts, for aspiring young professionals.

In 2011, seeing the need of entrepreneurs to open up to foreign markets, Alessandra Campia realized that  internationalization was the key to growth, so she began to develop relationships with foreign colleagues, and the law firm took on more and more of an international orientation.

The clientele of the firm is mainly composed of companies operating in the field of production and services.

The lawyers of the Firm look after them in all aspects of business management, from credit recovery to commercial transactions, from drafting and negotiating commercial contracts to corporate organization. But more than anything else, the lawyers of this law Firm are nationally known as specialists in labor and business law.

Over the years, particular attention has been given to the diverse needs of clients, studying and planning  directly with them the most profitable conditions for consulting, as well as drawing contracts and providing assistance in court, which the Firm offers both in Italy and abroad. 

Not forgetting that behind every company there are people and that personal problems often affect the entrepreneur's own activity, the Firm also guarantees assistance and advice to individuals, in every field of law, both extrajudicial and judicial.

The Borio Campia Law Firm collaborates with colleagues outside the Studio, in order to provide expert assistance in criminal law, administrative law and for International taxes law.

A Notary, who is a consultant of the Firm, is available at all time.